Profesor Nativ Engleză

My name is Amy Arlene Ungureanu and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, county California. I graduated from The Masters College in CA with a degree in Liberal Studies. Working with children is one of my passions and as a result I moved to Romania soon after college to work with a non-profit organization teaching and helping children, including special needs children.

I’ve had the opportunity to teach at other international schools in Bucharest and I have enjoyed teaching English and drama to children and teens ranging in ages 3-16.  Since living in Romania I have observed that most students do well in memorization and English grammar skills yet struggle with the day to day conversational English.  My desire is to make English a fun, creative and memorable reality, so that students will strive not just because its a required class but because they enjoy hands on and out of the box encounters.

Teaching drama is also a large part of this experiential knowledge.  I have been involved in drama for many years now and have directed many school shows/ plays, and do this for the joy it brings the students, those watching and the joy it brings to see a dream realized.

I am excited to join the LLI Academy team, I believe real education is taking place here. It is a place where students can become innovative, caring and lifelong learners. The objective is that students would grow not just in the use of English but also in creativity, self-esteem and communication skills, experiencing the unlimited possibilities offered today by the knowledge of English.

Personal development course (PSHE):

A class designed to teach students how to become responsible and caring citizens, and learn about themselves and the world around them, using role play and other creative means.

Be Dramatic club!

Students will be exposed to different aspects of Drama including impromptu skits, vocal music, dance and props. This club encourages and promotes creativity, communication skills, teamwork, and provides students with the possibility of integrating understanding and knowledge of drama with the study of other academic disciplines.  It is a fun and educational experience.